Pie Network If you have the patience, I suggest you download the Pi Network application from the Play Store and register.  Now your question may arise, why did I say to be patient.  I say read the article carefully.  Now let's find out

 What is a pie network?

 Pie is a kind of cryptocurrency or digital currency, it is now in the second stage.  In the third step, it will be open to join various cryptocurrency exchanges, where we can buy and sell it.  At present its price is 0 taka or dollar but if it goes to 3rd phase, its value will be determined.  Step 3, also known as the main-net, is coming up at the very end of this year, so collect as many "pie coins" as you can before then.  I hope you understand why I said be patient.  As you may be aware of Bitcoin, Bitcoin, like today's pie, was once available for free.  Those who did not take this bitcoin then are regretting it today.  At present one bitcoin is equal to about fifty lakh rupees.  You do not have to invest any money in the pie application just need a little patience which is going to be very good results.  Suppose you accumulate some pies every day and at the end of the year your total pie coins is 1000.  If the pie team sets the price of each pie coin at ড 1, 1 dollar equals 85 rupees in Bangladeshi rupees then 1000 * 85 = 85,000 / - rupees.  The price of a pie may be higher or lower, but it is certain that the price will continue to rise as time goes on.  It goes without saying that the Pie application does not cost data.  Even if your data is in off mode, your mining will continue.  You only need to turn on the data when mining starts.  What a great app.  No money invested, no work.  I think there is no easier way to earn money in the world.

 What to do every day in this app?

 You have to enter the app once every 24 hours and click on the mining option (⚡), this will keep your daily mining and the total pie coins will continue to increase, which will show up at the top of the pie app skin.  If you do not click the Mining button every 24 hours, you will become inactive and your mining will stop until you resume mining.

 Note: You will need an invitation code for registration in your pie application. You can use my invitation code without any hesitation.

 Invitation cord: ruhul7273

Pie Network

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